Sushi Warehouse is
Innovative. Stylish. Profound. Curated. Poetic.

The Experience

An elite, curated user experience and lifestyle

A Giant Pile of Sushi

An enormous, uncomfortably warm, slightly humid warehouse containing a giant pile of sushi from NJ gas stations, conveniently presliced in bite size rolls. You get five minutes to make amazing happen

Shovels and Burlap Sacks

Whatever sushi you shovel into your burlap sack before the buzzer is yours to keep. You and your sack are weighed together before and after - lose some weight from sweat, gain some weight from sushi

Compete with Friends

Try to shovel more sushi than your pals! An overhead leaderboard keeps time and tracks performance, while stats and rankings are uploaded to our global drone fleet for transmission to your phone


Sustainable. Fresh. Authentic. These are the pillars of the Sushi Warehouse Experience.

The Warehouse

Gigantic, humid, filled with sushi

Compete with Friends

Sushi and the people you love


Conveniently located on a desolate freeway in New Jersey

Sushi X

Stealth-mode skunkworks research lab

Drone Fleet

Sushi Warehouse without borders

Mission and Values

Changing the world, one spicy tuna roll at a time


Innovative, groundbreaking, uncomfortably warm. Sushi Warehouse is about bringing you closer to the people you love.

  • 2009-2011

    An idea is born

    While driving through New Jersey, CEO and Founder Mike Kelly was visited by visionary inspiration

  • March 2011

    Refinements and iteration

    Public and private markets began to realize that Sushi Warehouse was the largest ultraunicorn of the 21st century

  • December 2012

    Meteoric growth and unstoppable traction

    The first closed alpha releases were overwhelmed with user interest, temporarily DOS'ing the AWS US-East datacenter and three major payment gateways

  • July 2015

    Major disruption and preparation for public beta

    The groundbreaking Sushi Warehouse lifestyle gained mainstream appeal, causing the first wave of disrupted incumbent businesses to collapse

  • Be Part
    Of Our

Innovation happens here

Technology, disruption, cooperation. Meet the team:

Mike Kelly

CEO and Founder

Aleks Navratil

Chief Data Scientist

Luke Kowalczyk

Chief Technical Officer

Satoshi Nakamoto

Chief Sushi Officer

Doug Bienstock

Chief Security Officer

Adam Halbert

Chief Visionary at Sushi X Research Labs

"The founding team at Sushi Warehouse has concentrated more technical ability, visionary leadership, and innovative disruption than any organization in history."

- Sergei Brin

"I'll be honest with you. If we'd launched with a founding team 10% as strong as Sushi Warehouse, Microsoft would easily be a trillion-dollar company today."

- Bill Gates

"Shut up and take my money."

- Vinod Khosla

Contact Sushi Warehouse

Please note that Sushi Warehouse has filled our current Series A round of $5.2 trillion and is consequently not accepting term sheets at this time.